RRS Discovery Ships Wheel
Discovery Point and RRS Discovery
RRS Discovery in her dock at Dundee
Fun at Discovery Point

A great family day out

Polar Explorers Wanted - thermal underwear not required! A visit to award-winning attraction Discovery Point transports you to Antarctica,telling the tale of the most heroic voyage of exploration ever undertaken! more info >

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Dundee Photographic exhibition

Dundee Photographic Society Exhibition - Discover

Discovery Point Cafe Gallery
11th January- 3rd April Dundee Photographic Society
FREE Exhibition more info >
The dome inside Discovery Point
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Dundee Heritage Trust : Picture of a Penguin, native to the Antarctic
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Special Family ticket
23.00 normally 25.00. Admits 2 adults and 2 children
2 adults and 2 children admission for 23.00 (normally 25.00). Please to download voucher
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