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Scotland's Jute Museum @ Verdant Works

Built in 1833, Verdant Works is the last working jute mill in Scotland. Dundee Heritage Trust's collection of historic jute processing machinery, much of it over 100 years old, has been restored to working condition to give visitors a vivid appreciation of life in the mills and factories.

It is the only venue in Britain where people can see the processing of jute from the raw fibre through to the finished woven cloth. Verdant Works is keeping alive the traditional skills of jute spinning and weaving which might otherwise die out. As a museum, Verdant Works tells the story of Dundee's textile industries, from the early days of 18th century flax weaving, through the introduction and rise of jute production to the present day and the manufacture of man-made fibres.

At its peak in 1900, the jute industry in Dundee employed 50,000 people (half the working population) and supplied much of the world's demand for jute goods. The majority of workers were women and children. This obviously had a dramatic effect on the city and its people and this wider social impact is assessed in the social history galleries.

Verdant Stair heidThe machine hall at Verdant Works
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