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Crowdfunding Supporters Thanked!!

The supporters of a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign for RRS Discovery have been thanked for playing their part in helping restore the historic ship. In two private VIP events held last week at Discovery Point in Dundee, backers of the £40,000 fundraiser on crowdfunder.co.uk were acknowledged for helping to contribute towards...
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The masts and rigging are going back up!!!!

We are entering into the final phase of the 2016/17 conservation project on RRS Discovery’s masts and rigging.  Riggers and cranes have taken over the ship and the quayside in order to reinstate the masts and rigging which were taken away to Gloucester for a complete refurbishment. The work involved in...
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Crowdfunding success – we did it!!

More than 200 back the historic RRS Discovery as it reaches its £40,000 goal In a campaign that has spread worldwide and gained the backing of everyone from schoolchildren to global businesses, a newborn baby to a television celebrity, the historic RRS Discovery ship today reached its crowdfunding goal. More than 200...
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